Responding to Ko Murobushi #2 Sarjo Sankareh & Kevin Franc



Sarjo Sankareh┃セルジョ・サンカレ



One of the things I’ve learned from Ko Murobushi is that dance is not always about big movements, pretty lines, form or shape but even silence can be a dance and sometimes the smallest movements on the body can make the biggest impressions. My encounter with Ko has been a changing point in my career and made me start seeking other ways of dance and it has widening my perspective of what dance can be, which is why I am so happy to be taking part in this project because it will give me the opportunity to do more research and get new inspiration from Ko’s work.

Kevin Francケビン・フラン
キブツ・コンテンポラリー・ダンス・カンパニーMASA、モントルイユ・コンセルバトワールのFrançoise Legréeのクラスにて振付のディプロマを取得、ボビニーのコンセルバトワールにてJeuneBallet Balbynien(芸術監督:Omar Taiebi)のダンサーとして活動。以後、世界各国で精力的な活動を続けている。2015年、室伏鴻振付作品「真夜中のニジンスキー」のダンサー。


The audition for Nijinsky à minuit took place in Paris in2014, I met Ko Murobushi and Kimiko Watanabe there for the first time. Something special about this day was taking our time to knoweach other, indeed I’ve learn a lot about slowliness with Ko. He called that « killingthe time », working as your body is completely available in space andafterall time, one action can be spread during a long moment. It inspired me somuch later.We started working on the project in 2015 few month beforeKo passed away, it was a short period but realy intense, so much information,so much sharing from him. I realized something we lose as dancers, dance is notabout forms and figures, dance comes from something animal deep inside of us.

Thu Apr 5, 2018
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Responding to Ko Murobushi